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AC Schnitzer Wheels
Even in the early years, AC Schnitzer laid down roots for a strong brand character in wheel design with a striking basic style. Often copied, the classic AC Schnitzer five spoke wheel was the starting point for a remarkable design story. Click the "Wheels" brochure link on the right for full details. A brief guide to our wheel styles past and present is given below. Please see our online shop for wheels compatible with your model.  


   AC Schnitzer Wheels

Type V Forged BiColour 20"

Type VIII Forged Racing 22"

AC Schnitzer wheel styles are numbered in roman numerals, with multi-piece "split rim" styles having the added designation Racing. Some styles are available only in classic silver, while others are also available in black with diamond-cut faces to the spokes and rims - these are denoted as BiColour wheels. For the enthusiast seeking the ultimate in lightweight wheels Forged options are also available in some designs and sizes. The forging process adds strength to the alloy with the benefit that it can be made lighter while retaining its strength.

Type I

Our first wheel light alloy wheel set the trend for the 5 spoke AC Schnitzer look and was released at a time when most BMWs came with steel wheels. Sizes were 14 - 17". No longer available.

Type I Racing

The "Racing" designation denotes the split rim design. Sizes 17 and 18" were made but are no longer available.


Type II

The classic AC Schnitzer 5 star wheel with solid spokes for the E30/E36/E46 - still available in 22" for E53 X5 only.


Type II Racing

The "split rim" version of the Type II in sizes 17", 18" and 19". Distinguishable from the Type I because the spokes extend further, interrupting the bolt circle. No longer available.

Type III

A five star wheel with hollow spokes, hugely popular on E46s and Z3s. Still available in 17" only along with optional "design elements" which fill in the spokes to give a Type II look.

Type III Racing

The "split rim" multi-piece version of the Type III - no longer available.


Type IV

An elegant and sporting wheel with finely structured spokes available in 18" and 19".


Type IV BiColour

A black version of the Type IV with diamond cut faces to the spokes and rim. Available in 18", 19" & 20" for many models.

Type IV Racing

Multi-piece version of the Type IV with a silver centre star and polished trim - no longer available.

Type IV Racing "Magic Black"

A special version of the Type IV Racing with black finish and chrome trim - no longer available.


Type V Forged

A lightweight but strong single piece wheel with curved spokes that perfectly captures the AC Schnitzer dynamic. Available in 20" and 22".


Type VI BiColour

An exciting hybrid one piece design combining the basic form of a 5 spoke design with components of a Y-spoke. Available in 18" only.


Type VI Racing

A two-piece 20" version of the Type VI with a highly polished stainless steel deep dish. No longer available.


Type VII

A subtle interpretation of the original 5 spoke style formed around an open arrangement of 10 alternating spoke pairs. Available in silver, black or Bi-colour in 22" only.

Type VIII BiColour

The Type VIII wheel sets new technological and aesthetic standards as the latest interpretation of the five spoke design. Available in 18, 19" and 20". Black with diamond-cut rim and spoke faces.

Type VIII BiColour Silver

Our most recent wheel - a silver version of the Type VIII BiColour. A strikingly modern design with echoes of the Type III. Available in 18", 19" and 20". Silver with diamond-cut rim and spoke faces.

Type VIII Forged BiColour

The weight saving of up to 33.6% of the forged wheel is noticeable by its slimmer design. Available in 19" and 21".

Type VIII Forged Racing

As a forged multi-piece wheel the Type VIII is perfectly suited to the X6 and other large cars. Available in 21", 22" and 23". 

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